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“Tradition, change, economic optimism and certainly diversity have shaped the character of the UAE. Anyone living and working here would be wise to take the opportunity to embrace the potential of this life experience by appreciating and understanding more about the society and culture of thepeople living in this region”
Ali Alsaloom
Founder, Embrace Arabia


I attended the WIAD function addressed by Mr. Ali Alsaloom on the topic -“The Gulf: It’s People & Culture”. This is my 20th year in the UAE, a country I love very much & feel so safe and happy to be in. However, I had never really been initiated into the true unadulterated version of its history, culture & religion, & finally, the year we hope to retire & go back to Sri Lanka, I live to learn through Mr. Ali.I was spellbound by his presentation. Mr. Ali is truly an ambassador for the Gulf. His presentation was articulate, informative & liberally laced with humour. His personality was one of great charm. He lived & breathed his subject matter & imparted his knowledge & experience leaving 80 odd ladies thirsting for more.

Rohini Seneviratne, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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August 2014
Ali Al-Saloom: "I am not a counselor tourist and media"--- we know tour guide culturally prominent lecturer and a professional, but his name has become a recent falls between software providers, it puts his own programs and ideas formulated and produced even see the light after the effort, has been overlooked in the new platform of Ramadan "paths" on the channel Abu Dhabi Emirates. ...

July 2010
Ali Alsaloom is going to be live on air at the Dubai today show with Jessica Swann on Dubai Eye on Thursday, 22nd of July 2010 from 10:00 to 12:00. Tune in to the show at 103.8 Dubai Eye. You can join in the conversation and call on 4231010, sms to 4001, follow the show on twitter #dubaitoday or @ dubaitoday1038 ...


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