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Embrace Arabia Farm - A truly Arabic Experience

The United Arab Emirates, much to the surprise of most visitors, is an agricultural country. Most of the Bedouins of the Arabian Peninsula used to live in oases and cultivate date palms and breed livestock for survival. Embrace Arabia Farms allows you to enjoy and taste the true Arabian lifestyle as it was and how it came to be.

Just half an hour away from the centre of the city of Abu Dhabi, the farm is a refreshing retreat from hectic city life. With a classic majlis and a nice terrace overlooking the plantation, the farmhouse and its surrounding outdoor venues can be used for meetings, workshops and conferences as well as for recreational gatherings. Local farmers offer true Arabian hospitality and chat about their way of life at the campfire over coffee and refreshments. Visitors are welcome to stay overnight in the family-style house, enjoying a breakfast prepared from the fresh products of the farm.

A local farmer will host you on his Al Ain property, which is spread over one square kilometre and features a huge palm garden, green fields and a traditional farmhouse. Visitors can enjoy the fresh breeze under the palm trees while watching gazelles roam around. The more adventurous can hop on Arabian horses for a ride. Goats, sheep and chickens are also kept as livestock. Farmers will explain how fruits and vegetables are cultivated and explain the traditional irrigation method known as falaj. In the summer, guests can even taste delicious dates fresh from the palm tree and learn about harvesting methods.


EmbraceArabia Farm

To acquire more details about our farm venue or to book for a full day authentic farm experience, kindly contact us at



This was not only an extremely educational and enlightening workshop, but probably one of the best lectures i've ever experienced. Ali has a very rare talent and ability that instantly captures the attention of his audience. He is professional at all times yet still maintains a sense of fun and light heartedness in his talks. I strongly recommend that if given the chance, everyone should experience his workshops. Brilliant! ;-)

Vijay Ramburuth, Abu Dhabi

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